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The Normal Christian Life episodes have reached millions of people worldwide. But Many people are surprised to find out that everything we produce is made available 100% free of charge. All our media, episodes and now this online course. This is not a marketing trick where you get the first session free, then we make you pay-

Silence Breakers is NOT for sale. 

You may be wondering, how then do we fund all of the Normal Christian Life projects?

Well, Everything that we produce at the Normal Christian Life is One Hundred percent funded by everyday Christians… we don’t sell or charge for anything nor even do we monetize our Facebook or Youtube. Why? It’s a simple conviction, to get the Gospel out as far and wide as possible, with no restrictions. 

So, I’d like to first take a moment to thank the hundreds of donors who have made Silence Breakers possible free of charge. 

If you’ve been impacted by our content and would like to see us make more Normal Christian Life episodes, consider donating when you fill out the registration form below. We’re a small team and your funds really do go a long way.

Nathaniel Oliveri

Founder, The Normal Christian Life

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