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I have for some time been praying into what to charge for this course. After all, running a course has a lot of expenses attached to it. But the more I have prayed, the more my conviction has grown to make this course free of charge. Why? Because this course is all about the gospel and I want to make that available to as many people as possible.

I have, however, noticed that people value what they invest into. I’d love you to consider investing into The Normal Christian Life as you register for the course.  When you register below, there will be an option to donate on the form. Your donation will help cover the costs of running the course and if you have been blessed by our media, I’d love you to consider donating generously or even becoming a monthly partner.

The Normal Christian Life is a not-for-profit organisation and your generosity is what allows us to continue making media and courses available for free. I believe you are going to be so blessed by this course.

Nathaniel Oliveri

Founder, The Normal Christian Life

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